In line with the partnership proposals (see Previous Projects) the society feels that the best approach to restoration is from the ends working towards the middle. That is not to say that if an opportunity came half-way along the route it would be encouraged rather than the opposite. However, recent months have seen efforts to make inroads at either end both politically and physically-with varied amounts of success.

Maintaining the Melton Ring

In Melton Mowbray plans have been passed, after much hoop jumping, to build a double dock for our two workboats adjacent the slipway in the Town Estate compound. The present mooring to the rear of a local hotel is not ideal, as it is adjacent a local footpath with its uncertain security, and after many years there we felt we had imposed on the good nature of the owners for long enough. With plans passed it just remains to raise the funds to build it, but at the time of writing nothing has happened on that score just yet.

Syston to Lewin Bridge Restoration

Fourteen miles away at Syston the stretch between the new Three-Way Bridge at the Junction and the Gate Hangs Well pub continues to command our attention as this length contains a location for the first winding hole, the first lock site and possible overnight moorings outside the pub.

The Landowner at the Junction has expressed an interest at rebuilding the old toll house as a visitor centre, with canoe storage and camping to the rear, whilst several other riparian owners in the vicinity are known to be interested in our work. The present plan is to contact all owners along this stretch and elicit their feelings toward future navigation, and to invite them to forthcoming partnership meetings.