Oakham Canal Green Corridor

MOWS are working with a number of stakeholders to create a linear heritage, environment and leisure facility to the north of Oakham, based around the former Oakham Canal. This Green Corridor will:

      • Serve to protect the original course of the Oakham Canal in the landscape as a recognised heritage asset.
      • Incorporate, protect, and enhance, a diverse range of wildlife habitats. The water bodies, woodlands, grasslands and hedgerows would provide a sanctuary for a wide range of plants and small animals.
      • Create a continuous public right of way between Oakham and Rocks by Rail, enhancing accessibility to the visitor attraction, and significantly improving countryside access to the north of Oakham which is currently limited. Wherever possible, accessible footpaths would be provided.
      • Incorporate, and provide improved links to, existing public rights of way.
      • Provide opportunities for a range of leisure activities, in a coherent linear park setting.
      • Increase public interest in, and awareness of, the Oakham Canal.
      • Allow the possible reconstruction of Cottesmore Wharf, adjacent to Rocks by Rail, to provide a heritage / visitor centre for learning opportunities about the canal and its history, as well as the environment and ecology that the Green Corridor provides.
      • Provide opportunities for community engagement and skills development through volunteer projects for the preservation of the heritage features of the Oakham Canal, as well as other environmental and conservation projects.
      • Allow interpretation to be provided for areas of special heritage, environmental or ecological interest.
      • Offer the opportunity, through extension of the concept northwards, to create a long distance right of way towards Melton Mowbray and onwards into the Wreake valley.


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